Is Becoming a B2B Influencer Worth it?

  1. Do you have an active social media account?
  2. Have you posted on social media within the last few weeks?
  3. Do you engage with other people’s social media posts?
  4. Do you comment on news stories, discussion websites, or forums?
  1. Mega: Think Joe Rogan and other A-list and B-list celebrities.
  2. Macro: 100,000 — one million followers. Broad influence.
  3. Micro: 1,000–100,000 followers. Niche industry/topic influence.
  4. Nano: Less than 1,000 followers. Community influence.
  1. You’re already posting and sharing content on social media so why not get paid for what you are already doing naturally, as a part of your daily routine? Get paid for sharing company news on Twitter or Linkedin, mentioning a company in a blog or podcast, or including a company’s news in your newsletter. You decide what kind of channel you will use.
  2. Marketing yourself as a B2B influencer allows you to expand your network and meet new people/businesses that can turn into more lucrative engagements. Maybe you’re a writer, consultant or podcast host. Charging clients a nominal fee to share their company news on Linkedin allows you to begin a relationship that can turn into a larger engagement.
  1. Newsworthy’s focus is sharing company news releases and that means it’s super easy to fulfill requests — a great way to get acclimated to influencer marketing and avoid long drawn-out negotiations over campaigns, deliverables, and compensation structure.
  2. It’s free and you are not charged any fees — if you offer to share a company’s news on Linkedin for $50, you get $50.
  3. Registering is simple and you don’t need to connect any social channels. You simply add a short bio, select categories that describe your influence, and then add some things you’ll do and the price you’ll charge.
  4. Get paid immediately after you complete the task.
Services that I am offering in the influencer marketplace:



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