Asked AI to Write Email Copy, This Was the Result
3 min readMar 3, 2023

Created by the team at in collaboration with SalesNexus (press announcement), is a GPT-3 OpenAI powered generative AI email writing tool that helps you create compelling and effective emails with engaging subject lines in minutes.

This new service removes the guesswork in creating effective email marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. uses OpenAI’s latest Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model to generate high-quality email marketing copy 20 times faster than traditional methods. The system can create sales and marketing emails on a wide range of topics including new product releases, webinar and event announcements, limited-time offers, or content offers and free downloads. In addition, can write sales letters, pitches to journalists, and requests for customer referrals.

Let’s kick the tires of

This week we upgraded our and services to the latest OpenAI model, and we want to send an email to our customers about the update. We’ll use to help us write the email. requires you to complete two quick steps.

Step 1: Choose from the drop-down selections the purpose of your email. The options include:

  • Write an email using the PAS copywriting framework
  • Write an email using the AIDA copywriting framework
  • Announce a new product or service
  • Promote a Webinar and register attendees
  • Announce a Conference or Event and register attendees
  • Extend a special limited-time offer
  • Write a sales letter
  • Ask customers for referrals
  • Offer a free download or content
  • Write a lead generation email
  • Write an email to pitch a story to a journalist

For our example, we selected ‘Announce a new product or service’.

Step 2: Describe what you want to say in your email. recommends that you use only 35–150 words in your description — AI will do the rest.

Notice that we are not writing a prompt. We are simply describing what we want the email to convey. More about “prompts” in a moment.

This is the description that we submitted.

Description of what we want the email to convey

A Word About AI “Prompts” — the foundation of using AI systems to generate content.

Anyone that has played around with AI understands that the prompt is everything. Write a bad prompt and your output isn't so good — sometimes outright garbage. Write a great prompt and your output can be amazing.

The beauty of is that it is programmed to write an appropriate prompt based on your input and the type of email you want to generate (remember, we chose ‘Announce a new product or service’).

Based on our inputs for Step 1 and 2, this is what returned

Pretty amazing, right? It even conveys the excitement of launching a new product. And what a HUGE time saver. Of course, I’ll make minor edits — human editing is always recommended with AI — but regardless, saved me a lot of time! And it gave me excellent subject line suggestions!

Visit and try it out. It’s free 🙂



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